Administering the ERS

The ERS is composed of 45 items to be rated on a 5-point scale and 30 items to be answered True/False. It should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The Scale is taken in temporary memory so the computer or device may need to be restarted first to ensure that there is enough temporary memory available. If clients leave the system idle for more than 15 minutes, the Scale will time out and they will need to begin again.

You will need to create a unique Client User Name and Client Password for each client, which will allow the client to take the Scale up to six times. The reading level of the Scale is approximately seventh grade. Feel free to help clients with any words they don't understand as long as they are the one clicking the answer.

Ideally clients would take the ERS on their first agency visit in order to establish a baseline from which to begin the assessment and action planning process. Then they would retake the ERS after completing particular milestones in order to determine what else they need to address in order to be employment ready. This sequence will allow you to make maximum use of the ERS for client assistance and will also give you the data needed for the Reports function.

Please remind clients that they have to complete all items in order to get any feedback.

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